What is our vision? Why do we do what we do?
The Peaar is a brand design and marketing agency that helps people and businesses turn their passion into impact. We transform the way people work, and help them build meaningful relationships and experiences with their customers. We do so through brand design, business strategy and cost effective marketing.

Why this program? What impact do we want to leave?
Our goal is to help the next wave of digital marketers reach unparalleled heights through on the job experience in an emerging and dynamic technology driven work environment. We intend to transform not only the lives of our clients but the lives and work environment of our employees as well.

What’s a digital marketer?
A Digital Marketer has a strong grasp of current marketing tools and strategies and is able to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution.

Digital Marketing Rotational Program General Description:
The Digital Marketing Rotational Program is a 12-week program consisting of three four-week rotations across the following areas:
Social Media Marketing
UX Design
Email Marketing
Location: Telecommuter
Qualifications: High School Diploma, Enrolled into a College or University
Hours Per Week: Project Based
Compensation: Work Experience

Digital Marketing Rotation Program Responsibilities
Social Media Marketing:
Create overall objectives and strategies for social media accounts
Create engaging social media content
Build and maintain social media presence
Design and execute photo/video shoot to leverage for social media marketing campaign
Create digital target advertisements for social media accounts
Create, measure, and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals
UX Design
Create high ticket offer funnels, landing pages, and opt-in pages
Build customer focused websites that are optimized for user experience and lead generation
Take a user-centered design approach and rapidly test and iterate designs
Create lead magnets based on our customer pain points, needs and desires
Design and deliver, user stories, user journeys, and mockups optimized for relative interfaces
Utilize strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points
Email Marketing
Launch and manage email marketing campaign
Create newsletters based on hot/relevant topics as well as customer needs, pain points and desires
Analysis of current email marketing campaigns and make recommendations for improvement
Track powerful metrics and report on email campaigns in order to guide improvements
Manage trigger email campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle to maximize sales

Digital Marketing Rotational Program Requirements:
Ability to work with clients to understand detailed requirements and design complete user experiences that meet client needs and vision.
Ability to clearly and effectively communicate design processes, ideas, and solutions to teams and clients.
Be open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.
Excellent written communication and copywriting skills.
Ability to translate complex data into actionable and profitable marketing plans.
Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement
Highly creative with experience in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate

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